​Mark's dedication to perfection and quality brought our summer home to a state of comfort. [He] brought the sense that the detailing and renovation is all original. I would recommend him confidently to anyone that seeks a great product in construction. He is able to relieve a lot of stress typically involved in substantial renovations, and turn the experience into a positive and memorable one. I loved, loved, loved working with Mark and will employ him again on any future projects we have....He is truly the best.
Phyllis Sandler

Mark has a friendly and open demeanor, which makes coordination of trade easy and seamless. He is quick to resolve issues and maintains a professional environment doing so. While effortless to work with, he still shows great attention to detail. This is a quality that is rarely found in contractors and is priceless.
Tony Ingrao

Mark is one of a kind. In this day and age it is nearly impossible to find what this man has to offer. He is available from day one and well after the project is completed. He is a solid and decent human being who takes great pride in what he does. 
Victoria Robinson

From beginning to end of each job and from project to project, Mark is unfailing in his excellence on all levels. His polish and diplomacy are always at hand whether reviewing issues with the client, working with other team professionals, or handling matters with the subcontractors and trades. His recognition of quality and his ability to create it is innate. Mark has the unique talent of being able to recognize and assimilate the intent of our designs whether it is the relationship of spaces, the overall architectural design or the minute details of the element. 
Sam Rosenberg

As complex as our project was, Mark directed and integrated all of the individuals involved with an efficiency and ease that could only be attributed to experience, dedication and pure competency. We are truly beneficiaries of Mark's perfectionism. The home delivered to us exceeded our expectations.
Jack and Kathy DiMaio

[Mark] cares deeply about the integrity of the work and manages to work in an often time stressful environment always with an attitude which reflects his concern for the highest craftsmanship but also with a realistic concern of cost. 
Jack Rodrigues

As with the building of any home, changes are made frequently, problems arise, orders come in wrong, however, Mark never let any of the aforementioned interfere with his daily routine or ever be a concern of mine. Over the years, through today, I have only to call Mark once with the smallest of problems or concerns and his response time is sometimes faster than that of my own husbands: regardless of how many projects he may be juggling at one time and always that warm voice and a how can I help you? and I will send someone right over.
Lisa S. Jurick

His high level of intelligence, his energy level, his high level of commitment to the project is beyond reproach. Marks' honesty, fairness in pricing a project, his ability to choose the proper subcontractors, his problem solving techniques, and ability to make the proper all around choices is phenomenal. Most important he follows up and takes the job to its conclusion.
Marjorie Baldinger

I found Mark to be very professional and extremely responsive at all times. He has a vast knowledge of all aspects of construction and his attention to detail is excellent.
Lisa Kaufman
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